Sem 6 clear

We finally got our sem 6 results today. After a tantalizing wait (because most of us wanted to know if we cleared Power Electronics) I got a call from Vineet saying that results were out; this at 10.30 at night (bloody hell).

Sabdaman went to check out the results and told me I had passed and Debu told me I got 69%. Not bad considering that many people failed in Power Tronics. And I am at least consistent because I have made 3rd rank in class my private domain.

Thank God Chaukya got only 4 kts and in spite of his delibitating jaundice he will stay with us this year. Amazing performance by Debu who scored 64% (rounded off man) and is in the top 15 of the class. He thought he was going down. So also did JD who cleared 10 papers. The wounded Tamilian strikes. All the best to Pari.

Most people cleared so let the good times roll on.



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2 responses to “Sem 6 clear

  1. poisonivy

    3rd in class. awesome. congrats! 🙂

  2. Rohit

    thank you thank you

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