Congrats Abhinav

Thank you very much Abhinav for making the country proud. Winning India’s first individual Gold in the olympics is an honour every athlete would have craved, but you beat them to it. Your personal coach from Germany and a private shooting range would have no doubt made it simpler. No doubting your skill though or your ability to cope with pressure. It just makes me sad that most of our other athletes train under apalling conditions and simply lack the funds to garner more medals.

I hope you do the right thing by investing all the money, which the various state governments have announced for you, in building a world class sports facility in the country. You don’t need the money. Make yourself the cornerstone for India’s future olympic successes. Its the perfect time. I hope one day will arrive when we will not have to blink our eyes with surprise when it is announced that India has won a medal in the olympics. I hope I live to see that day……..

P.S. :I wonder if I can win a gold for India too. The spirit of the games demands that any athlete who is good enough, can participate. (Unless he or she is charged with doping, like Monica Devi.)


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