Won a Quiz!!!

I went to the Bombay Quiz Club’s open quiz on sunday, just to get an idea about the kind of questions asked in good quizzes. I reached the place in Santacruz well in time and one of the founders of the club took my name and used a randomization software to asign me a team.

There is a league system in place and there are 6 seeded players. 1 of them was Sumanth who was in my team. 8 teams were formed with people coming late geting added to teams at random. There were 5 people in my team including myself, Sumanth, Dhananjay and 2 other guys whose names I didn’t catch. There were 49 questions with each correct answer getting 2 points and with infinite rebounds.

When I stepped into the room, I thought I would just be sitting there with my moth open and watch some awesome quizzers at work. But to my surprise, I actually knew some of the answers which others didn’t. I was also able to work out some of the answers and was an asset to my team rather than a liability. At the end of the quiz we had the most points and I won my very first Quiz at BQC!!!

The quizzers there are way ahead of me butI guess with experience I will improve. I hope to make this a regular practice and will see if this win was just a fluke or whether I really know something.


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