Saving Power

I have been hearing for a long time that a black webpage consumes lesser power than a white one and so I have finally decided to change my blog template. Won’t make a huge difference but every small step helps I believe and I ask everyone who reads this blog to consider doing the same. (Yes Sagaro I mean you. You get a lot of hits so help set an example.)

In order to save themselves from a huge electricity bill , my society has come up with a scheme which seems very effective and simple but I believe is an utter failure. According to the latest notice, to save power the society will switch off one lift in each wing between 2 pm and 5 pm and between 10 pm to 6 am everyday. Each wing has two lifts and this sounds like a really effective scheme to save the moolah. It also gives people an opportunity to brag at work about their earnest eforts to save the earth from global warming.

Utter crap. Just how many people would use the lift during the non- peak hours? We would anyway require only 1 lift at those times. What I would like to see is only one lift operational during peak hours. I believe that people would be so irritated at losing valuable time waiting for the lift to come to their floor that they would prefer using the stairs and this would mean lesser usage of the lift. But people won’t like this would they. Most of them are only too happy to pretend to care as the current eviro-friendly atmosphere demands being eco friendly. But I wonder how many would care to take the stairs down when they leave for work. Bloody hypocrites.



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2 responses to “Saving Power


    This is under the assumption that black saves more power. Which is not true in the case of LCD monitors. And since a lot of monitors are LCD in this world, I prefer white background.

  2. Rohit

    oh i didnt know that. i will look it up though. thanks

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