I finally got placed in Siemens Ltd. today. After being rejected by TATA SED this was the company I was looking to. The company had some really strange criteria which ruled Salil and Amit out of the apti. I got through the aptitude test easily enough and it was time for the interview.

I had scored highest on the aptitude test and so i was asked to go in first. Three people were in the panel and one of them was the techie while one was the manager type. The third lady was the HR lady who did not ask anything but was observing me all along.

After some personal questions the techie started asking me about induction machines and soon had me in knots. After I lost my bearings, he was at least kind enough to give me hints and guide me back on track. After screwing me by asking me basic electrical engineering questions like phasors and stuff he finally let me go. Then management guy asked me some questions on future plans and which field I would like to work in. It seemed a terribly short time to me but I was in there for nearly half an hour. My interview ended at 3.15 and I had to wait till they were through with everyone. I spent my time telling people what I was asked and stuff and finally at 8.30 the results were announced.

They said they selected 15 people totally from Electrical , electronics and mechanical combined. I started to get a bad feeling about it when they started announcing the names of people selected from trical. When they were through with 5 names and my name was still not announced I started to think I would have to come back the next day for Reliance when they announced the name of Rooomesh Bhandari. I got up from my seat only to sit down again. But then they announced my name and then Ganapati’s and we were suddenly employees of Siemens.

Vineet has also got placed and in doing so we have created a record of sorts. We live in the same building, went to the same class in junior college, went to the same IIT classes, joined the same branch in SPCE and now we would be working in the same company. Weird isn’t it?

So now that i have been placed I can relax and stop going to colege in damn formals. The things make me sick. Hopefully Salil, Kedar, AG and so on get placed in Reliance tomorrow. Here’s wishing them all the best.

P.S. Debu, Kd and Deeps got placed in L&T so party from them.



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2 responses to “Placed!!!!

  1. Gauri

    Congratulations. 🙂

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