Sad but true

A 47 year old man was covicted today for repeatedly raping his minor househould help over a period of three years. The victim was just 10 years old when she was employed.
He started raping her within a month of her starting work there. He was caught when the girl became pregnant.

A 47 year old man making a 13 year old girl pregnant. How a person can even think of assaulting a girl who can almost be his granddaughter is the question that rages on in my mind.

But that is not the saddest part.

That place is reserved for the punishment he has received. 4 (yes 4) years rigourous imprisonment and a huge fine of (hold your breath) Rs. 1000.

That’s all he pays for ruining the life of a little girl forever. Someone who will probably be ostracized for the rest of her life by her ‘morally correct’ neighbours. This girl could be anyone’s younger sister. Yet four years of HIS life is all that he loses.

A 10 year old child faced with a life which would make even the most indefatigable spirit shiver.


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  1. Dinesh T U

    his dick should be cut

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