A really funny thought just occured to me. What if the Indian Government calls for a huge press conference and with all the world’s media looking on vociferously announces that India will be boycotting the Beijing olympics, because we believe that the atrocities being committed in Tibet are clear human rights violations.

With the hockey team not qualifying, it makes absolutely no difference why we should go. It seems to be a clear waste of money sending athletes (and officials) to China only to screw up in the heats of most of the events. What do we have to show for all those years of participating in the Olympics? A handful of Bronzes and Silvers. Now that we have a good excuse, we might as well retire with some …………er……. dignity?


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2 responses to “Boycott

  1. sagaro

    Hilarious… just shared it on my twitter account… lol.

  2. Rohit

    true though. we are planning to have an obituary in our college magazine “In fond memory ofIndian Hockey” like the ashes

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