The Plan

My friend calls me up the other day and asks me “Rohit tell me how will I tell my parents about my boyfriend if and when I get one?”
I asked her why she was so worried about that part of things when she has yet to take the basic step of getting a boyfriend, and she told me she does not want to waste time thinking about it later.

So I told her my plan, which goes like this:
1. Get a boyfriend.
2. Cut your hair really short. (You can even go bald for effect).
3. Dress up like a guy and talk increasingly about wanting to move to Canada because of the
liberal atmosphere there.
4. participate in all the gay rallies held in the city.
5. Keep telling your parents how much nicer girls are compared to guys.
6. Tell your sister to complain to your parents about how scared she is to share the same bed.
7. Finally tell your mom you are lesbian.
8. When your mom is fainting, go up to her and tell her, that you can change your beliefs to make
her happy.
9. At a strategic moment, show her your boyfriend’s pic and ask her if this guy will do?
10. At this point, your mom will be too happy to say no.
11. Happy days are here!!!

She hung up on me.

The next time we met, she slapped me and told me what an idiot I was to make fun of her situation. She refused to even contemplate putting such a plan into action, to which I reminded her of the old adage of a beggar lacking the luxury of choice.

A week later, I see the new Virgin Mobile ad on TV. Now all of a sudden, according to her, the plan seems to be a piece of cake. Too bad though, she saw the ad along with her parents…….



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2 responses to “The Plan

  1. pratap kaul

    lol…the virgin mobile ad is really cool man…and considering u thought of it befor the ad came out and even meted out such wonderful advice to your freind ..tht makes u…good stuffcheersbut dude arsenal hag raha hai!

  2. wolf counsellor

    yeah, that ad’s seriously cool

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