Exams Ending

My long, drawn out exams, which began on the 7th of December, are finally coming to an end today. In little over 2 hours, I will be writing my last paper.

It is like a long race, and I have turned the last corner and am on the straight. The checkered flag is waving and all I have to do is cross the finish line. Bring it on losers.

Control Systems seems to be easy but I hope I dont slip up because this is the one of the only subjects where I can score.

The exam ends at 5.30 and I will be leaving for the Rishikesh, Haridwar trip tonight at 9.30. No net for a week, but then again, no exams till May. 😀

With all this hysteria over Bhajji’s suspension and worrying news about the 1 lakh car being launched, I would like to stay away from the news for a while and enjoy what little natural beauty remains. Ratan Tata is making a really big mistake and any opposition to the Nano car is welcome.

Until next week then, Tata.


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