Happy New Year

The New Year arrives bringing with it a melange of emotions – joy that there are newer horizons to conquer, sorrow that some things are over, delirium because Arsenal are on top, frustration that the net is failing me and so this post is delayed by a day.

2007 brought many things to my life. I will look back upon it with nostalgia because in spite of the fact that many things went wrong, there was a silver lining to it. It will remain forever the year which changed my perspective on life and the way I was living it.

A beautiful friendship was broken, perhaps never to be ressurected. But because of that, I at least learnt crucial lessons on how to treat people. Some friends were being neglected and I have them gained back. And a wonderful new one has been found – thanks for all the support P.

This year gives me hope. There are several things I have done that I cannot change and several other things people have done to me which again I cannot help. So I have decided to begin 2008 on a forgiving note, I officially wipe the slate clean. I have forgotten everything. I hope others can do the same.

As the song goes ……………… Let it be.

And my exams are still going on. They will end on the 14th. 😦


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