A Good Movie with EMF round the corner

Bhavans college has just started a movie club and they had their first screening today. They screened “Super Size Me“- a documentary that focuses on the American fast food industry and McDonalds in particular. The maker of the film went on a McDonalds diet in which he ate nothing but food available at McDonalds for 30 days just to see how it affects his health.

A superb movie but a bit too long for some morons in the audience who got impatient about halfway through and started passing some loud comments. Typical Bhavans style I must say and I now realize why two years in that college were enough for me. Nivi was kind enough to let me know about the screening and I am definitely going to see the next movie Godzilla- the original Japanese one. Just the kind of movie I want to see during exams. Hope there is no paper on that day.

Speaking of exams I have Electromagnetic Waves and Fields on Friday and I am taking far too long over the subject. Got to cover a lot of ground since about 60% of the syllabus is Greek to me. 3 more days to go for the eggjams so wish me luck…….


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