Last Jan we went on the famed IEEE Trip to Bangalore, Mysore Ooty and Calicut. Many funny incidents occured, famous among them “The incident of the magic pants”, the “Haraami Bengali comment” and AG’s immortal “My ambition in life is to be a telephone operator in a Mysore Hotel” story. One of these incidents had me wondering, WTF?

We were going to Calicut from Ooty in a bus meant for kindergarten students and we stopped at a place to have breakfast. It was a small truck stop where you could be confident of getting idlis and wadas and stuff.

So we occupy a table and I am told that only masala dosa is available. So we call the waiter and I rattle off the order in Tamil. After listening to the entire order, the guy tells me in hindi that he doesn’t understand Tamil. At this point, AG tells me she doesn’t want a masala dosa because she doesn’t trust the potatoes in Ooty or something and so I tell the guy in Hindi, instead of one of the masala dosas, please bring a saadha dosa.

The guy stiffens, looks me square in the face and solemnly tells me, ” the cook does not know how to make saadha dosa. Only masala dosa is available”……………..WTF?

Later on after we finish laughing and eating, the guy looks at me, laughs and tells me in Tamil, “the bill is 109 rupees”. Once again ……………… WTF?


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