Hilarious Mythology

Every time I hear about something incredibly stupid in a soap or a movie, I start wondering where the script writers get these ideas. After several of these moments, I realized Indian mythology is a great source of inspiration. Some of these incidents are so hilarious, that were they not part of the great sanskriti and ethos of our land, people will be laughing their asses off.

There is the story of the fight between Krishna and Jambavan (King of the bears). The story says they fought continuously for twenty eight, that’s right, twenty eight days when Jambavan somehow realized that Krishna is the incarnation of Vishnu and he will take birth again as Rama. So he drops the whole thing and begs for forgiveness. Not only that, he also offers his daughter Jambavati’s (no kidding, that’s her name; imaginative right?) hand in marriage to Krishna who accepts it.

Now if I fight a guy for 28 minutes, leave alone 28 days, the only thing I will be thinking of offering him is a stick up his ass. I think if we had Jambavan instead of Gandhi, we would have been free in even lesser time. The British would never have been willing to rule such a moronic race of people right?

Another well known story is the incident where Arjuna has to fire 6 arrows through a spinning wheel while looking not at the target, but at its reflection. And surprise surprise, he succeeds. Anyone laughing at a Mithun or Rajnikanth flick now better brace your asses now.

Another one is the ultra filmy scene where the Pandavas return to their hut after Arjuna wins Draupadi. He calls out to Kunti and says “Hey mom look what I got!!!”. Kunti shouts at him for disturbing her sleep and says,” Whatever you got share it equally with your brothers”. And now instead of running inside and telling her he won a girl, our hero decides that “Maa ke aagnya ka paalan karna humaara kartavya hai” and all five brothers marry her. Hilarious or what?

I can think of several more scenes but you get the idea right? The next time you see some cliched sequence on screen, don’t blame the script writer, blame our treasure trove of epics and the amazingly cool sages who wrote them.

P.S. I wont be surprised if a bunch of guys from the BJP or VHP call for my head now. Though i suspect they will offer a significantly lesser amount for it than Karunanidhi’s. In the range of 1000 Rs. maybe?????


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