Gunners on Top

I have really not been that active the past month because of college fests and stuff but I am back now so readers of A Dateless Diary rejoice…………… ya all 3 of you.

The season is 6 games old and Arsenal have dropped just 2 points (thanks Mr. Lehmann). Top of the table 4 points clear of the scousers makes it sound like a dream. But there we are, in our rightful place.

Though there are still 32 matches to go, I cant help but feel this is our year. Fabregas seems to be stepping into the role of the talisman Henry was. He is filling those big boots with remarkable elan. 6 goals in 6 games is no mean feat. He has been simply magnificent this season. As for Adebayor, the critics will be eating their words now with him scoring 5 goals in 2 games.

With Mourinho leaving Chelsea and a scoring problem at ManU, things have been easier but no such luck in Europe. Sheer talent helped us demolish Sevilla 3-0. All this success seems to have gone to my head so I would hate to be proved wrong.

Here is to a brilliant season and hope we finally win in Europe.

Invincible again?


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