2nd Place

The finals of Mosh was something I was really looking forward too because I hardly messed up during practice.

We played Born to raise Hell by Motorhead, Let me entertain you by Robbie Williams and The Saints are coming by U2.

The first song was good. We performed the second song well too, but I dont think the judges liked the song selection. The third song was supposed to be our crown jewel because we had practiced this song very well, but something went wrong and Aditya got the timing of the drumbeats wrong. So messed it up. No amount of on-stage antics by me and Ganpati could take that away.

The competition was ok. Three of the bands tried to do difficult songs only to mess up the vocals. We were pretty decent on that front so we were the runners up. The band who came first were good. Their timing was just perfect. Still, I feel we could have done better.

The guys who came first all got cellphones. Hope we get something good too. I heard talk of bluetooth headsets, ipod speakers and even 3 pairs of slippers(dont ask).

2nd place in my very first gig. A sign of good things to come?????????????


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