An Apology

To all of my friends out there who read this (and even those who don’t)………..

I have finally realized that I have been acting like a dumb jerk all this time. I have been trying to be someone I wasn’t, and in doing so, have alienated many of you. I have been trying to be at the centre of things for so long that I did not realize that I have almost lost my true identity.

What has already happened, I cannot change but I certainly can change my attitude towards the world and towards you. I begin by saying a heartfelt SORRY to all of you, whom I have hurt by my behavior.

To all of those who stuck by me, in the hope that you would get the old Rohit back, and made me realize my mistakes, I cannot thank you enough.

I thought the people I hung out with in recent times really liked me, and I did a lot of unnecessary things to keep that non-existent feeling alive. Thanks to my real friends, I have realized that you are a big bunch of losers. To you I only say, “Fuck Yourselves”.

P.S. To all those who have read and not understood, refrain from discussing this with me.
Those of you for whom this apology was intended, I am back……..


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3 responses to “An Apology

  1. pari

    fortunately or unfortunately i happened 2 read ur blog and after reading it i think i shud address u as ROHIT ATTITUDEKUMAR and rohit ajitkumar

  2. pari

    i meant,ROHIT ATTITUDEKUMAR and not rohit ajitkumar

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