The Boss Rules

The other day I finally saw Sivaji: The Boss at infinity. This was my first Rajni movie in a theater and it was simply an awesome experience.

Ticets were 130 bucks. Total rip-off but thats a multiplex for you. I really thought the place would be empty but was surprised to see it was almost full. Even the 175 waala seats were taken. I waited in anticipation for the spectacle which was to unfold.

The cheers and whistles that could be heard when Rajni made his big entry, could have blown the roof off any theater. I found myself clapping and cheering with the rest of the crowd.

The story is simple. Rajni is Sivaji, a computer engineer who returns from the US with a fortune of Rs. 200 crores, with which he plans to open a hospital and college for the poor in India. He is also on the lookout for a bride, a girl who is a total Bharatiya Nari. Someone who sings classical music, knows Bharatanatiyam and all that.

So he tries to get things done legally, obtaining permission for building and stuff but finds out nothing can be accomplished without bribing people. So going against his principles, he bribes a lot of people and gets the construction of his college started.

Now the baddie is Aditya. A guy who is desperately in need of Close Up. He is the owner of another medical college and charges hefty amounts for seats in his own college. So Sivaji’s free college is obviously going to screw up his entire business and so he plans Sivaji’s downfall.

After a lot of bad stuff happens to Sivaji, he ends up penniless and vows to take revenge and construct his hospital and college.

What follows is an extravagant display of Rajnikanth’s trademark style and fights. He kicks everyone’s ass and ends up victorious.

There is a sub-plot which follows Rajni’s rather hilarious attempts to try to get Shriya, the girl of his dreams, to like him. In this task, he is ably assisted by his uncle Vivek who gets in some good comments and has acted really well.

Special mention should be made about the incredibly hot Shriya. If being bald, 55 and really not that good looking was the price to pay for getting close to this girl, I would embrace my fate gladly.

What Shankar lacks in the story, he more than makes up for in the ambiance and sets. The art director has done an exceptional job in creating the sets for most of the song sequences. Really extravagant and lavish. And of course, he has Rajnikanth, who could make even a pathetic movie like Jhoom baraabar Jhoom a success.

The first half of the movie is all about Shankar, the dialogue writer and the art director, along with the various supporting cast. the second half is all about Rajnikanth. He pulls off the most insane stunts with ease for example the stoppie he performs with a car or the way he does a simple thing like eating chewing gum.

All in all a movie that should not be missed. And all those who still think Amitabh or (God forbid) Abhishek is better, watch Sivaji: The Boss and see your beliefs get scattered among the dust. It is full paisa vasool.



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5 responses to “The Boss Rules

  1. Gauri

    Finally someone blogs about the movie too and not just about Rajnikanth. Now I know theres more to the movie than songs, fights and stunts with goggles.

  2. Salil

    My friends in Bangalore tell me that out there Sivaji is still running house full in its 5th week :). Ticket prices even went upto Rs. 600!

  3. Rohit

    whoa. awesome

  4. INDR's Angels

    Sivaji !!!!I can’t understand what’s so rocking about Him???Anyways, u rock dude .keep that going.Cheers !

  5. Preeti

    I am usually someone who watches movies very quietly not commenting as such..but for shivaji the whole crowd was cheering and whistling and really I cudnt help join in..Guess you have to be a fan of rajnikanth if you are a tamilian

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