News you cannot use – 1

The most important news of the day is that exams are finally over. Yes I am officially done with 2 years of engineering. Life is good and the trip to Ganpatipule just came closer.
So in a fit of happiness, I decided to screw your day with the weirdest and most unimportant news I could lay my hands on. Here goes.

A 17 year old guy has been arrested in Oregon, USA after being caught on CCTV having sex with a mare.

Of all the things a guy could do he had to go engage in beastiality. What the hell was he thinking? Either he was completely stoned, or had a rather severe case of mistaken identity or both. I like to believe that human beings are basically good, so I thought I would try to go with the mistaken identity arguement.

I tried to imagine his girlfriend being very big and strong and having a voice which sounded like a neigh. She would of course eat oats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This guy gets to, what he thinks is her home, late at night, really turned on because of all the shows on animal planet about mating and has a go at her. He is really in no mood to let go in spite of all her yelling, until the cops come in and turn on the lights. Uh-Oh.

Then I realize I really am a sick guy sometimes. But I noticed something which I am sure everyone else missed. The owner of the mare had set up the CCTV. Now he has the entire act of the guy and the mare filmed. What if he goes and sells the video online, where there are some really weird people who will actually purchase it. Wouldn’t that make him guilty of making pornography? Especially weird-ass porno like this one.

I feel this was a premeditated crime by the owner. He purposely set up the scene so that the teenager would get filmed doing wrong stuff. I feel the girlfriend and animal planet are also in cahoots with the horse owner. The poor teenager will face a life of ridicule and shame for being at the wrong place, at the right time (After the animal planet show gets over). The ways of the world are inexplicable. (So is a crazed teenager’s libido).

I think this is enough to make you hate me till the time I come back. You people take care alright and stay away from those dangerous channels like Animal planet. Watch good clean stuff like FTV.

P.S. Any other explanations for the guy’s behaviour are welcome.


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