The Pale Blue Dot

I just came across this pic a few minutes ago. Any guesses what that is? The small dot towards which the arrow is pointing? Feast your eyes, because that is our home planet. It is Earth as viewed by Voyager 1 from an astounding distance of 4 billion miles. It looks about as big as a dust mote doesn’t it? Yet it is the culmination of all our achievements. It contains everything. Everything we do, everyone we love, everything we have gained and lost, it all comes down to that minisicule number of pixels.

Kind of puts things in persperctive doesn’t it? It is both awe inspiring and saddening. This little thing is all we have. Aren’t we foolish to assume we are the masters of the universe? Are we so short sighted that we presume in this vast blackness of space, we alone are intelligent? How can we be? As this picture clearly shows, we are just a footnote in the history of the universe.

Our planet, which seems like an oasis in the watelands of the galaxy, is all we have. Yet we continue to abuse it and treat it like shit. What we do everyday seems so pointless. People in power are so possessed by their sense of self importance that they forget it is only a matter of time before they die. Its only a matter of time before we all die. You, me, everybody. Nothing is important. College, Vada-pav, the guitar are all unimportant. Even this blo……….. bloody hell, almost let the goth mentality overwhelm me.

I’m alright now folks. I let the morbid thoughts get the better of me. Bloody voices in my head just don’t stop sometimes. Besides, how can anything be more important than this blog? The point I wanted to make was we should be humble enough to accept what we have as a precious gift and take care of it. What will the aliens think of us when they finally come here. (Don’t shake your heads. You have seen the pic. Think we are alone? No hope.)

I think they will just dismiss us as a collosal waste of semen and kill us off. So much for being one in a million (Refer standard biology texts). Anyway it will probably be all for the best. Let the pic of the pale blue dot inspire you not to fuck with the environment. Turn off that AC you sorry little…………..



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2 responses to “The Pale Blue Dot

  1. Mark Isuak

    everything ends in a speck…how true…

  2. A simple happy life is all we need. And it really isn’t hard to achieve. We just like complicating things for our own selves.
    This photo, this perspective should really never be forgotten.

    P.S- we’re the dust that feeds the fungi which grows below the footnote’s foot.

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