Shall We tell the president?

Ever since Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was elected president, people went on harping about how educated he is and a brilliant mind being at the helm of our country’s affairs and what not. While I have the utmost respect for the president, and indeed, am inspired by his story of success, I cannot get over the fact that he seems a wee bit naive.

Now, before you guys start insulting me, I would like you to consider this. Have you guys read news reports about the president interacting with school kids? If you have, I’m sure you would have noticed how often he says technology is the answer to all the problems in the country. How to cope with energy shortage? Improve technology. How do we increase food production? Technology. How do we eradicate unemployment? Improve technology. How do we reduce queues at the ration shop? You guessed it. Technology. All of his answers appear to revolve around this 10 letter word. If things were that easy, why don’t Phds, engineers and doctors run the show in our country and the world? How can technology make a guy get off his ass and start earn a living? Only willpower can do that. How can technology stop someone from giving out bribes? (Apart from the fact that you can create monitoring devices to catch him in the act.) Sure technology can play an important role in solving our problems, but it is not the only solution.

Also a few days ago, Dr. Kalam mentioned that in 75 years man can establish a colony on mars.

Why are we out to conquer space when we haven’t even managed to tame our own planet? We are planning to inhabit other planets, while at the same time, we are squandering earth’s resources. Dr. Kalam has been advocating frivolous persuits like this starting with India’s proposed moon mission. what is the need to waste the taxpayer’s money on such things which only remain pure status symbols? Even the americans have been ignoring the moon for 2 decades. The money spent on these missions can be better spent in developing the country’s infrastucture. At least we will not have to beg on our knees in front of the World Bank.

I would rather see the president address the issues of animal conservation and global warming. Are we such a parasitic species that we drain the Earth of all our resources and move to some other planet just like the freak-ass aliens in Independence Day? I hope not. I want Dr. Kalam to lay his eyes on the ground before he looks at the stars. The nation needs action rather then speculation. What the people of India need, is a good kick where the sun don’t shine. Maybe we will start working towards achieveing our dreams then.

P.S. Dr. Kalam is probably the most coolest president ever and I would rather see him as president again rather than some smartass politician.



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3 responses to “Shall We tell the president?

  1. Bhisham

    Talk about lack of understanding, childishness and misinterpretation taken together. What comes is this blog. I would have loved to analyse the whole length of this ‘article’, but exams have taken up my time and all I could come up with was the above analysis. Take it as a precis of my long response. I’ll try writing a longer response when I get time.

  2. Rohit

    You are welcome to.

  3. pari

    well i think abt president’s idea on conquering space in different wayi guess if v r sucessful in conquering space ,v will definitely emerge as powerful nation(only in dis particular field) and then other nations will look upto us as the next big thing. Thus we will hv access to many resources and probably one day our nation will turn ito a developed country.

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