The Usual Bullshit

Well the rains have just about arrived and we see the BMC working around the clock to beat the monsoon deadline for getting all the pending work completed. As usual the BMC has miserably failed to provide even a semblance of relief to harrassed motorists and pedestrians. I still have to traverse even one stretch of road without any potholes and the Municipal Commissioner is feeding us the usual crap about 90% of the work being complete. Whatever happened to the 900 crores or something allotted for the clean up of the Mithi river? Looks like more than one Babu will be getting a beach house in Goa this year.

Speaking of bullshit, I just happened to see spiderman 3 and I’ve got to admit it sucks. Its not that the visual effects are not amazing, but that is so passe’. I have grown sick and tired of superheroes like spiderman and daredevil. It seems all you have to do to get super powers is stand near a nuclear facility and hope they spray you with nuclear waste or gamma rays or some other equally volatile stuff you and I can’t even pronounce, lot alone understand. If life was that simple, we would not have to use the roads at all and no blame would be attached to the BMC. Bring the cool super heroes like Batman and Phantom.

Would someone bother to tell me why were customers at a cybercafe in Kalyan bashed up by Shiv Sainiks because there is a community called “I hate Shiv Sena” on orkut? I mean, if you go about doing stuff like that, you are going to end up making people create more communities like that. Think about it, you are at this cyber cafe talking to your cousin in Dubai where the most interesting thing happening is a shopping fest. You step out and BAM. You are smacked on the face by a guy waving a saffron flag because you were minding your own business. Damn that makes me mad. Its about time the shiv sainiks apologised for their actions (Not a cat in hell’s chance of that happenning). Sigh.



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2 responses to “The Usual Bullshit

  1. Soupsticks - supriya

    quite a point you ve made there.;)

  2. Rohit

    The problem is nothing will ever change inspite of me or anyone writing about it.

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