Waste of good airtime

Of all the people to invite on this already stupid show, Karan had to go and invite the lady whose actions have revived the kleenex business in India and beyond. Karan could not sink lower than this (hmmmm maybe he can, by inviting Himesh…….. egad!!!!). Coming back, we had her royal highness, the queen of soaps, enlightening us about what her serials symbolize and how relevant they are to modern India and of course the usual bitching that is now so passe’. Poor Kjo seems to be getting desperate as he brings in weird guests like Rakhi Sawant, who, sorry to say, lacks any class whatsoever.

Moving on, the other show I kinda dislike is Biggest Loser jeetega. I really appreciate the courage of the 16 incredibly obese people who show off their flab on primetime television. But the show focuses more on the disgust factor than on the effort put in by the contestants. The producers try to cash in on situations like a guy getting hospitalized and someone having an affair with someone else. I mean this is not supposed to be Bigg Boss goddammit. And Sunil Shetty is not helping the TRPs either with his monotonous voice and a face that is so expressionless, he would make a samurai proud. They have killed the show by having eliminations. I mean every eliminated contestant is a loser coz they would be so depressed after they get home, they would reach out for those pastries and cakes and put on 50 pounds more.

Meanwhile poor farmer Kanduswami near Tirunelvelli in Tamil Nadu, who is watching the show on his brand new colour TV gifted by the CM is wondering how the hell does one guy weigh as much as his entire family put together including Laxmi the cow…… Not for long though. The power goes out and the water supply stops. But who cares about the basic needs of life when you have television right?

P.S. Suppose a mysterious death takes place on the set of Biggest Loser. What whould you call the case? “The case of the clogged artery”? “The strange case of the whirlwind workout”? “The case of the stressed-out weighing machine?” ………. Just wondering.



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3 responses to “Waste of good airtime

  1. Sagaro

    The only time I remotely liked Rakhi Sawanth was in that remix of “Perdesia”. The only time she had some class probably…BTW this blog is called dateless diary, because you are not gonna put info about your dates? or is it just that you never had dates? 😛

  2. Rohit

    Hmmm maybe its because I am bored of attempting to get girls whom I like to date and tired of fending off attempts by girls whom I dont like to date me.Actually its the title of a book written by R.K. Narayan

  3. Gauri

    Rakhi Sawant is getting popular not just on entertainment but news channels too. She appeared on the Big Fight with Vikram Chandra. The highlight of the show was when she said Rabri Devi and Sonia Gandhi were women she really looked upto!!

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