Kerala Part 1

The night train from Chennai to Ernakulam Town was comfortable enough. The tickets were confirmed thanks to my uncle, who is a cardiologist for Central Railways (not a man to be trifled with). I attempted to sleep, but my efforts were thwarted by a gentleman in the adjoining berth, whose snores closely resembled the sounds made by a Boeing during take-off. Thankfully he got off around 2, cursing the world for not waking him up, as he had missed his station. God he deserved it……

I managed to sleep till around 5.30 when I heard voices below. A ticket checker had arrived and he was a typical Mallu bloke- huge girth, dark curly hair and a mustache to rival Veerappan’s. My Dad was sleeping on the wrong berth, and mistaking him for someone else, the Mallu said something like,“ alaarrererlalartlalrtlartlatl Palakkad arrrrallataladar” which roughly meant,” You were supposed to get off at Palakkad, what the hell are you still doing here?” Having clarified the situation, my Dad and I carefully avoided looking at each other until he went away.

In the early morning light, Kerala looks breathtakingly beautiful. Water bodies abound and the scenery is stunning. But one thing I resent is the overuse of the term ‘God’s own country.’ You see it everywhere. On roadsides, on rickshaws, schoolbags, buses……… you get the point. But I am not so petty as to let that get in my way. The God’s own train arrived and we descended on to God’s own platform to be greeted by the man running God’s own tea-shop and were just in time to drink a steaming cup of God’s own coffee.



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2 responses to “Kerala Part 1

  1. Pratyush

    You’re a good writer. Keep up the good work.PS: And don’t bother wondering who I am. I am just trespassing.PPS: Allow anonymous comments too.PPPS: That’s about it.

  2. Rohit

    Points noted. Thank you

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