Just another meaningless rant

I write now on the eve of our 60th year of independence. Its been a roller-coaster ride I feel, with our country gaining so much on certain fronts and losing out on so many others. From becoming an agriculture oriented economy to a service oriented one, from being the best at hockey to being mediocre at it, we have done it all.

Like the common man cares what is happening on the economic front. He works hard to take home his pathetic salary and listen to his wife bitch about the neighbours. He wants to see his kid happy and have a secure future.

Like the bombers are really humans. A passenger travelling on a local train does not harbour bad thoughts about Pakistan or Muslims. He just wants to get home and eat his dinner. He couldnt care less about Kashmir or Osama or whoever. He wants to earn as much as he can before his retirement and then buy a farmhouse in Alibaug where he can sit on an easy-chair and read the morning paper all hours of the day without having to care about the security of anyone in the family except his wife.

Like India is ever going to be good at sports other than cricket (not too good at that either these days). At the rate importance is being given to other sports, its a wonder we still continue to play them. Many of our athletes have disgraced us after failing doping tests. Neelam Singh came last in the discuss throw in a competition inspite of taking steroids. That is how bad we are.

Like the OBCs in our country will stop using quotas after they become affluent (many of them are much better off than I could hope to be). A person from a “lower caste” gets so much from the government just because his great great grandfather or someone happened to be a sweeper or a cobbler or whatever. Inspite of having the necessary brains and talent, ordinary people are treated like shit in this country they call home. They would be better off abroad. And then people accuse them of being traitors to their country. I would rather be called a traitor than put up with such crap. Why not go abroad and get the recognition you deserve?

Like anything about the beurocracy is going to change because of a petition being circulated by The Times of India. Nothing is going to change on that front in the near future. Mumbai will continue to suffer inspite of giving so much to the nation.

Like bunking is ever going to be legalised.

Like the college canteen will ever stop serving the stupid frankie that causes gas.

Like my Mom will ever let me grow my hair to my shoulders.

Like people are still reading this.


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  1. dawg

    i agree man.. i totally agree

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