My First Goal

I was young
And I was eight.
Never to score a goal
Would seem to be my fate.

In the starting eleven
Defence was my game.
Opponents who surged forward
I had learnt to tame.

The finals of the tourney
Nerves were getting frayed,
T’was the toughest game,
We had ever played.

The score was nil-nil
The game was such a bore
The last one minute
I could take it no more.

I ran to the midfield
And snatched away the ball
Dribbling past a player
I ignored my forwards’ call.

Twist, skip and turn
I was in dribbling heaven.
A casual dodge was all it took,
To weave past defender seven.

No player could touch me
I was going to end this story
One on one with the keeper
And I took a shot at glory.

Half the people in the stands
Hated me it would seem.
Cause the very first goal I scored,
I scored against my own team!!!



Filed under Football, Sport

2 responses to “My First Goal

  1. kausikram krishnasayee

    hehehe…..the last two lines were good LMAO 🙂 good going bro 😉

  2. randomabstractions


    Nice poem !!! Baap goal kiya man ! 😛

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