A Story

As read somewhere –

There was once this pious Rabbi who was thought of as a saint by all the people on the Earth. He lived a blameless life and when he finally died he went straight to heaven where all the angels welcomed him with great joy.
Throughout the proceedings of the welcoming ceremony the Rabbi sat silently, with a sad look upon his face. Finally the angels disappeared and suddenly the Rabbi was filled with an all pervading sense of joy and contentment. It was a blissful feeling and then the most benevolent of voices asked him,” What troubles you, My son?”
The Rabbi answered with tears in his eyes, “My Lord, all my life I have strictly followed all of Your commandments and have never swerved from the path of righteousness. Yet my son converted to Christianity and left me.”
The voice replied,” Don’t feel so sorry about what happened. Even I have a son who did the same thing.”


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  1. kausikram krishnasayee

    welcome to blogdom. hope u enjoy the riot !!

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